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Dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire. Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body. Dance iswhen you express yourself through body movements. Dance is when you lose yourself in the music and enjoy yourself without saying a word. Lord Shiva is known as the god of arts. Shiva learnt the Tandava (Masculine form of dance), where as Parvati his consort learnt the Lasya (Feminine form). The dance can be best defined in this sloga “YATO HASTA STATO DRUSTHI, YAATO DRUSTHI STATO MANAHA, YATO MANAHA STATO BHAVAM, YATO BHAVAM STATO RASAHA” (Where the hand goes, there the eyes should follow where the eye are, the mind should follow, where the mind is there the expressions should be brought out, where the expression is, there the rasa or flavour will be experienced). Drama is a specific mode of fiction represented in performance. The drama contains many characters such as hero, heroine, clown etc. Actors may be specialised in a particular type. The goal of a theatre is to empower aesthetic experience, deliver emotional rasa. The dance and drama club at Sagar Group of Institutions aims to get the passionate students all the help required because we at the college think that life is like dancing and drama is the flavour. Dance and drama club provides that big stage to the students to show their talents in drama and dance. It will boost your energy, fitness and increase positivity in your life.

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