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Ultimate Aim of Education is to serve with an organization with full capabilities and knowledge for the best development of particular organization delivering good work for development of nation.An institute is delivering quality education by teaching learning process but when it comes to survival in industry then student must be aware about the recent trends and practices going on in industry level. Team of this cell will initiate new emerging industries and companies for introducing internship programs for students of Sagar Group of Institutions under Student Activity Centre. This Cell also work for create an awareness to different companies about the institution.This will lead to increase the in campus recruitment process for maximum benefits of students.This Cell is all About the Managing and Organizing Training and Placement Activities. To Form the Cell, Active members are required and address it through the regular Associations and meeting with corporate companies and provide exposure the Students and enables them to catch add on skills besides what is being taught in the Traditional programs. Active members of this cell get a chance to know current industry needs and Ití's working culture. Student learns a lot through campus coordination and knows the latest interview Techniques, criteria''s and aptitude test practice. Students will get a chance to meet with eminent personalities and professional and learn their etiquette''s and professional behavior.

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