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“Personality is made up of the characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviour that make a person unique”.Personality is simply how a person showcases him or her in front of others. This includes the way the person treats others, i.e., being kind in some situation and being stern in another. This also includes the way a person dresses according to the place and situation. But the most important aspect of personality is how you convey your message or idea.The whole nation followed Mahatma Gandhi in his quest for independence. It’s not that no one else had a way to do that. They were just not able to spread their idea. It was the personality, under the influence of which Mark Antonio and the whole kingdom which hated Julius Ceaser, later stood for him. Speaking in public is an art to convince people and audience about the content. It is an essential requirement for every young enthusiastic student to grow and express talent through words. Words are the best weapon to involve you in win win situations of life. The Learning is endless and grooming is continuous. Many of students feels shy and restricted while speaking in public and it will result degradation in over all personality of an individual. Personality Development Club facilitate students to involve in detailed discussions and activities to blast communication expertise.

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